Professional ventilation equipment manufacturer can customize production according to customer requirements.

Technology Center

Since 2014, Foshan Fidelity Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. has been serving customers, manufacturing and installing the most reliable ventilation equipment. We export to more than 80 countries / regions, with years of experience and strong technical force.

6 years of development history
7 national patents
Multiple international certifications
Various ventilation equipment
Export to multiple countries
More than 10,000 customer cases

Engineers and technicians

Technology Research and development center has more than 360 professional R & D team, 120 senior engineers with many years of R & D and design experience, a group of innovative talents who are capable and vigorous in process equipment and control engineering.

Manufacturing strength

Technicians with rich experience in design and production can provide customers with quality products.

Reliable ventilation equipment expert

The factory is located in the raw material base, all raw materials can be purchased nearby, so the production cost is lower than the peer manufacturers. Our factory has many years of professionally engaged in the production team of export ventilation pipes (air ducts).

Scientific management and control

Since the establishment of us, it has established the core competitiveness of brand, system, technology and service with keen market insight, perfect human resource system, powerful management execution and strong capital advantage.


Driven by lean management, through standardized operations, visual management and 6S on-site management, we have built a comprehensive lean operating system from R & D to service to better satisfy customers' pursuit of quality.


In the supply chain, R & D, manufacturing, marketing, service and other areas, subversive innovation is implemented to achieve the improvement of the quality of the group operation process and the cost capability.

The ultimate direction of scientific management


The four value objectives of product innovation, profit and innovation, process innovation and talent training are achieved.

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