Service Area

Provides “Consultant & Steward” services throughout the life cycle of entire investment project, consisting of such stages as before-sale consultation, solution design, equipment manufacturing, installation instructions, spare parts supply, and production line operation.

Product consultation:

Accepting service consultation in 365 days a year.

Strong technical team:

Efficient technological solutions are custom-made for you.

Various ways to find us:

E-mail, Tel, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Online Chat...

Before-sale service ——

Service during the sale ——

We regards product quality as the life of the enterprise, the main parts and wearing parts are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, coupled with advanced processing technology. Our team of experts is on hand to help you with your project and provide high quality service and technical support, right from the start of theproject and for the lifetime of the boiler.

Tailor-made production plants.

production plants.


Regularly feedback
on the progress of the product


Strict testing
before they are shipped to project sites

After-sale service


Our experienced engineers provide on-site installation guidance and training. They guide the installation and also help solve problems that occur during the installation process.


Adequate original consumable spare parts are freely provided for users.


Tracking the product operation situation by project management team.