Installation and use of soft fan connections

2020-04-02 10:53

Installation and use of soft fan connection, structure form: blade type adopts axial flow: GYF-I (single speed) and GYF-SI (double speed); Two types of fire exhaust fans.

Blade type adopts oblique flow: there are two types of exhaust fans: GYF-II (single speed) and GYF-S2 (double speed).

If the user has higher requirements for noise, the GYF-BX mute type fire exhaust fan can be manufactured. Fans can also be built into the roof and mounted on the roof for fire removal and smoke extraction.

The GYF high temperature smoke exhaust axial flow fan is composed of five main parts: (1) impeller, (2) motor, (3) inner circulating air impeller, (4) guide vane, inner tube and conduit hole (5) outer tube.

Installation and use:

1) It can be installed vertically, horizontally and suspended. The fan base must naturally fit into the base plane. Do not strike the base to force the connection. Do not add pipe weight to the fan assembly.

2) Before installation, please carefully check whether the impeller and casing are damaged or deformed due to transportation. If so, repair it before installation.

3) Check whether the connection bolt is loose, whether the motor insulation is good and whether there is anything in the fan pipe to prevent rotation.

4) After installing the fan, test it. Any abnormal friction, collision and vibration should be eliminated immediately.