High temperature resistance soft connection, longer service life

2020-04-02 10:53

The high temperature resistant soft connection has a longer service life and is suitable for ventilation and dust removal in coal mine. Especially suitable for exhaust. It is also suitable for positive pressure zipper air duct for dust removal and ventilation in tunnel engineering. The advantage of caliber air duct is that the joint is not easy to leak, easy to transport and carry.

Because of its unique high temperature resistance, air permeability, excellent weather resistance and flexibility and toughness, it is widely used in aerospace, chemical industry, large power generation equipment, machinery, metallurgy and other fields. The field. Canvas soft joint material. Canvas soft connection is made of wear-resistant reinforced canvas cold-drawn steel wire, diameter: 100mm above any size, high temperature resistance -30 ° -150 ° (material can be strengthened according to customer requirements for higher temperature) Working pressure: 450mmWG/(Material can be strengthened according to customer requirements for higher working pressure)

The high temperature resistant soft connection adopts 10 * 10 cotton white canvas, lined with steel wire frame as support. Our company introduces German advanced equipment to manufacture canvas pipe, canvas cement clinker dust removal soft air pipe, cement tank truck conveyor soft connection, canvas telescopic soft connection: Cement discharge nozzle soft connection, soft connection welcome cement bulk machine, dust gas transfer Department and other companies call to order exhaust soft connection, canvas cement discharge nozzle, soft air pipe and cement tank truck conveyor for more information.