Temperature, humidity and risk control technology of chicken house

2022-12-27 15:27

When the chickens are too small or the temperature outside is too low, the ventilation method is adopted to avoid the chickens from getting cold. The temperature difference in the house is controlled within 2 degrees. This method is based on the number of chickens, kilograms of weight, etc., calculated to meet the normal growth of the chickens must ventilation. Time control switch control 1~2 fans completed. Typically, a 3 - or 5-minute cycle pattern is performed.

Taking the 7-day-old chicken coop with 26,000 meat as an example, the calculation is as follows:

Air exchange rate =26000 PCS *0.200kg/ PCS (body weight KG) * 0.0155m3 / kg/ min =80 m3 / min exhaust air volume = 24,000 m3 / hr ÷60 minutes *75% (efficiency) =300 m3 / min (size of 1 meter fan) Perform a 5-minute cycle: Open 80 seconds ={(5 minutes *80 cubic meters) ÷300 cubic meters}*60 seconds stop 220 seconds (5 minutes * 60-80 seconds) if the temperature difference in the coop is too large (local temperature difference exceeds 2 degrees), the cold air in the middle of the coop sinks too fast, it should be changed to a 3 minute cycle, open for 48 seconds: Stop for 132 seconds. (The calculation method is the same as above) when the temperature outside the coop is too high and the temperature inside the coop rises, the coop exhaust air volume should be gradually increased (10~20 seconds) (when the temperature is too high to fall, the exhaust time may be short or the intake is too small, or the fan power may not be enough).

When the temperature outside the chicken house is low, the exhaust air volume should be reduced (after midnight can be reduced by 1/3), and the intake size should be adjusted in time. Adjust the transition step by step, to avoid chickens catch cold.




2. Temperature control and exhaust air

When the chickens are older and no longer need to be heated in the house, we use the environmental controller to turn on the big fan to adjust the temperature. When the temperature in the coop is 1 degree higher than the upper limit of the set temperature, one or more large fans should be started according to the change of external temperature to eliminate excess heat or increase the wind speed. In summer, water curtains can be used to cool down.

The conventional practice is: if the temperature in the chicken coop is set to 28 degrees, 27~29 degrees is the working interval of the time control fan, the opening temperature of the cooling fan 1, 2, 3 should be set to 29.5, 30, 30.5 degrees (the gradient is different in different seasons, the colder the gradient is greater).

When the temperature in the chicken house exceeds 29.5 degrees, cooling fan 1, 2, 3 will start exhaust air according to the set temperature; When the temperature drops to 29 degrees, all the fans controlled by cooling fans 1, 2 and 3 stop running. The probe should be placed in the temperature sensitive area during temperature control and exhaust.

In the early stage of brooding, the temperature in the house is unstable and the temperature difference is large. The temperature control is mostly used in the day. If excessive exhaust air at night will have a bad effect on the chickens, the cooling fan 1, 2 and 3 at night should be adjusted to the closed state.