What is air duct? What are the common types of air duct

2022-12-27 15:23

Air duct is made of thin steel plate, aluminum plate, hard PVC plate, glass steel and other composite materials, used for conveying air and air mixture of various pipes.

1, according to the material can be divided into:

Metal air duct, non-metal air duct. Among them:

(1) Metal air ducts can be divided into:

Steel plate air duct, aluminum plate air duct, stainless steel air duct, etc.

(2) Non-metallic air ducts can be divided into:

Hard PVC air duct, organic glass air duct, inorganic glass air duct, glass steel air duct and other composite material air duct, etc.

2, according to the shape of the air duct can be divided into:

Circular air duct, rectangular air duct;

3. According to the working pressure of ventilation and air conditioning system, it can be divided into:

High pressure air duct, medium pressure air duct, low pressure air duct three categories